Special Notices.

Pach Bros., photographer for Harvard have on exhibition some elegant large photographs just the thing for Christmas They are also getting up a new size which will be called the Harvard Panel a good sized head mounted on 11x14 card for framing or on a gilt beveled edged card 7x10. We propose making this size for $3.00, regular price $6.00. This is for Xmas and only to Harvard men.

PACH BROS.H. W. TUPPER, Manager and Photographer.

Owing to sickness Dr. Pick will be unable to teach his method orally at present. He will, however, teach it by correspondence, each pupil receiving the lessons separately for his own exclusive use. No secrecy or extra work imposed. The fee for the full course of 5 lessons is $5. Address.

DR. PICK, 7 Ashburton Pl., Boston.

Mr. Hall will open his class in his new and improved system of shorthand in Lyceum hall, Wednesday evening at 7 o'clock. Mr. Hall will be pleased to demonstrate the superiority of his new system and to prove that it can be easily mastered in from two to three months. This class is designed especially for college students.


WANTED.- Notes up to date in Pol. Econ. 4 and in Fine Arts 4. Leave address at 754 Cambridge St.

Mrs. E. L. Metcalf offers further accommodations for a club of ten at 13 Bow St. after the holidays An early application is desired. Also a very desirable room for a club of eight at 18 Prescott St. 6 12-17 20.

Room 32, College House, recently renovated is to let at reduced rates.

For sale cheap, polo pony, good weight carrier, believed to be sound, goes in harness. Captal hack, about seven years old, good mouth. For particulars address C. W. Y. 3 Mason St., Cambridge.