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The Freshman Nine.


As is customary, the candidates for the freshman nine went into a semistrict training about a month ago. There are, as usual, a large number of candidates for the different positions, but it is much too early to make predictions about the quality of the nine which will represent Ninety two on the field this spring. The outlook is promising, and Captain Cady will probably evolve a fairly representative nine out of the thirty or more men trying for positions on the team. The candidates come from all sections of the country. Almost all have occupied positions on the nines of the schools from which they came. The names of the men are as follows: For the position of pitcher there are five candidates Hill, who has pitched for a nine in Albany, N. Y.; Viles, Churchill, Curtiss and Grant.

For catcher, the candidates are Hollis and Bell. Bell has had considerable experience with various teams and is a promising man.

For the infield there are Orcutt, Carpenter (the captain of last year's St. Mark's team), Wheeler, Codman, Lockett. Howell, Fage, Ward, McKay and Spalding.

There are a number of good men trying for outfield positions. The whole number of candidates is thirteen. They are Ingalls, Neff, Woods, Whitney, Rankin, Lamont, Sawyer, Cummin, Jones and Riddle; while Viles, Grant and Wheeler will become candidates for the outfield positions if their services in the infield are not sufficiently appreciated

The nine has not as yet been able to get the cage for regular practice. The batteries alone are allowed its use; but in about three weeks the nine will begin practice in earnest. At present a light system of training is undergone, the work consisting in the use of the weights, dumb-bell exercises, vaulting, and a short run on the track.

With the material in hand, Captain Cady may be able to get a winning nine. But only the hardest and most faithful training can produce a nine worthy of representing Harvard in the match against Yale.

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