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Fact and Rumor.


The nine left for New Haven yesterday at 4.30 P.M.

At 9 P.M. last evening, 148 names had been signed to the book at Leavitt and Pierce's for the New Haven trip.

There will be a full rehearsal of Julius Caesar to-night. There is every indication that the play will be a great success.

The following men have been elected members of the Historical Society: A. Faulkner, Felton, Ferry, McClure, J. M. Thompson.

The second-year honor examination in Mathematics will be on Tuesday, May 26 at 2 P.M. The place of the examination will be announced later.

The '86-'87 postponed game will be played Thursday, May 21. The '86 '88 game scheduled for next Monday, will be postponed till Friday, May 29.

The semi annual make up examination in N. H. 3 will be held at the Museum, May 30, 3 P.M., and will, for those taking the full course, include the work done with Mr. Huntington.

By a mistake of the printer, the name of Mr. Allaniah Davis Cole, who spoke Hayne's "Speech in the Senate," was omitted in the report yesterday of the Boylston prize speaking.

The following were elected officers of the Pi Eta Society for the ensuing year: president, W. C. Boyden; vicepresident, J. H. Payne; treasurer, C. R. Brown; secretary, C. M. Thompson.

The lacrosse twelve in the game to-day will be Easton, Nichols, Rueter, and Twombly, L.S.; Goodale, Noyes, Williams, and Woods, '85; Hood, '86; Blodgett, Gardner, and Dudley, '87; Peabody, Abbot, and Drake, '87, substitutes.

Mr. W. H. Bishop, the novelist, is talked of for the professorship of English literature at Yale.

At the last meeting of the Christian Brethren, the following officers were elected for the ensuing year: president, Lloyd, '86; secretary, Craig, '87; treasurer, Brainard, '87; librarian, Brush, '88.

The freshman nine will play as follows to-day: Palmer, p.; Choate, c.; Fargo, 1 b; Foss, 2 b.; Holden, 3 b.; Gallivan, s. s.; Hallowell, l. f.; Austin, c. f.; Ingersoll, r. f.; substitutes, Taylor and Crocker.

In the H. S. C. matches at Watertown. yesterday, the highest scores were made by Messrs. Slocum, '86; Allen, '86; Austin, '86; and Meade, '87. Lack of space prevents further notice until a later issue.

The managers of the freshman nine have hit upon the expedient of using so many tacks in putting up the posters for the Yale game that no freshman can steal a placard without taring it to pieces.

The entertainment given last night by the Everett Athenaeum, at the reception of the first ten from '88 was very successful. The feature of the evening was the farce entitled "The Two Buzzards," in which H. E. Peabody. J. H. Knapp, Tuthill, Weed, and A. T. Dudley were the dramatis personae.

The Elective Pamphlet for the year 1885-85 will be given out to-day (Saturday) from 9.30 to 11 30 o'clock in U. 4, and on Monday from 9.30 to 10.30 in U. 4. Of the separate pamphlets, announced in the elective pamphlet, giving detailed accounts of courses, only the following are ready at present: Semitic Languages, French, Music, Physical Geography, Geology and Palcontology. These may be had at the office.

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