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First Lecture on Anthropology.


Dr. Ward delivered his first lecture on "Modern Anthropology" last night before a large audience. He said: Anthropology is a new study which is by no means clear to the popular mind. It has as its object to give man a knowledge of himself. In early times men were disgraced as atheists who attempted investigations into the mysteries of their origin, and it was not until the middle of the eighteenth century that enough facts had been obtained on this subject to found a system of knowledge. But then men began to make researches and new facts were discovered every year. In 1859 Darwin wrote his "Origin of Species," a work which was formed of the new science. For ten years after this, anthropological societies sprang up with great rapidity in many parts of Europe and they are now flourishing in full force. Charles Darwin will always be remembered as he who delivered the decisive blow to the idea that man should trust in tradition and not investigation. The latest and most complete book in anthropology was written in 1881 by Professor Tyler of Oxford.

Americans are doing better work in the new study than any other people in the world, but with all this progress Anthropology is not yet a widely appreciated science. Man even at this age seems little disposed to study himself scientifically, and until men get over this feeling great progress cannot be made in the new science.

The term anthropology was first applied to man in a moral sense only, then to man physically, and finally to man taken as a whole. Kants Anthropology was nothing more than a treatise on psychology. The true anthropologist is he who, while he examines particular facts in every branch connected with his study. looks at them all as a unit. "Anthropology is the science of man and man's life." Ethnology is included in anthropology, as man must be known not only in groups but separately and in different classes.

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