Fact and Rumor.

There are over sixty candidates for the Yale freshman Crew.

A special committee on tutoring has been appointed by the faculty.

The junior promenade at Princeton takes place on the 15th of this month.

Lectures in History 16 will be omitted this week on account of examinations.

The president of Pekin College is translating Shakspeare into Chinese.

The subject for discussion in Political Economy 2 at the lecture Monday, February 11, will be chapters I and II of George's "Progress and Poverty," Book I. Members of the course will read these chapters.

The Assembly Club at Exeter Academy has postponed till the latter part of the term the dance which was to have been held this week.

Suit is said to have been brought against the Yale navy by an inventor who claims that the Yale tank is an infringement on a previous patent of his.

A machine has been devised, and is now at the gymnasium, for the purpose of obtaining the volume of any part of the body by means of the displacement of water.

A reception will be tendered Mr. Henry Villard after the lecture next Wednesday by the members of the Deutscher Vercin. The Signet rooms have been tendered for the purpose.

It is proposed to name the women's annex to Columbia College for the venerable Dr. Barnard, the president of Columbia, who has been foremost in advocating equal educational opportunities for both men and women.

The programme for the symphony concert this week is: Overture, Benvenuto Cellini; Hector Berlioz; serenade for strings in E minor, Robert Fuchs; symphony No. 2 in C major, op. 21, Robert Schumann; concerto for the pianoforte, Max Vogrich.

The Cape May baseball team will be composed of Hyneman, U. of P., pitcher; Lansing, U. of P., catcher: Dana, Princeton, 1st base; McConkey, Yale, 2d base; Price, Princeton, 3d base; Campbell, Harvard, short stop; and Durell, Princeton, Hunt, Yale, Cahill, U. of P., and Tate, of Holy Cross, in the field.

Wednesday evening the first annual banquet of the Exeter Club was held at Yale. There were thirty-five present including several invited guests. Prof. B. L. Cilley represented the Exeter faculty. Pinchot, '89, was the toastmaster. The following men responded to toasts: H. A. Smith, '89, "Exeter"; W. C. Wurtemburg, '89 S., "Athletics"; Y. U. and P. E. A.," T. S. McClung, '92; "Exeter's Future," Prof. Cilley; "Andover," W. D. Sawyer, '89; "Yale," W. C. Camp, '80; "The Exonian, A. Lee, '91; "St. Paul's," H. S. Stokes, '89; "Ninety-two," W. B. Franklin, '92.