Law School Notes.

Professor Ames began his lectures in Pleading yesterday.

The examination in Criminal Law will take place next Saturday.

The second volume of Prof. Keener's work in Quasi-contracts will soon be issued from the publishers.

The February number of the Law Review will contain the second part of Mr. Lee's article on Quarantine laws and a reply by Mr. Stetson, of Taunton, to Mr. Brandeis's article on the Watuppa Pond cases.

The new editorial board of the Harvard Law Review will be made up of the following men: Second year, Furber, Hudson, A. C. Thayer, Hyde, Rounds, Schofield, Rust; first year, Rich, Thompson, E. R. Thayer. The editor-in-chief will be Mr. Furber and the treasurer, Mr. Hudson

J. H. Wigmore, H. U. '83, L. S., '87, has just published a very noticeable book on the "Australian Ballot System." Mr. Wigmore was recently awarded the one thousand dollar prize offered by the Medico-Legal Society of New York for the best essay on the subject: "Circumstantial Evidence in Poison Cases."

The first number of the Green Bag, a magazine about to be published by Soule and Co., with the aim to give the humorous side of the law, will have for its leading article, a paper on the Harvard Law School by Louis D. Brandeis, secretary of the Harvard Law School Alumni Association. The paper will be profusely illustrated. The second article will be by Professor Ames and will be upon "Scientific performance Quasi-Contracts."