H. A. A. Entries.

The entries for the first winter meeting of the H. A. A., which will be held tomorrow afternoon, closed last night at ten o'clock. All the events in sparring will be well contested, but there are fewer entries than usual for the wrestling. The entries ace as follows:

Heavy-weight sparring-F. G. Curtis, '90, F. R. Bangs, '91, J. W. Smith, '89.

Middle-weight sparring-F. G. Curtis, '90, R. Wainwright, '91, L. W. Chamberlin, '90, W. Austin, L. S.

Light-weight sparring-J. L Putnam, '92, F. Cabot, V. S., F. B. Keene, '91, W. Smith, D. S., H. H. Knapp, '89.

Heavy-weight wrestling-H. O. Stickney, L. S., J. J. Tevis.


Middle-weight wrestling-G. P. Hunter, '89, D. W. Loewenstein, L. S.

Light-weight wrestling-F. Cabot, V. S., H. E. Frye. L. S.

Feather-weight wrestling-J. L. Dodge. '92.

Putting the shot-M. M. Smith, '92, Allen, '92, Green, '92.

Tug-of-war teams from all four classes will pull. They will be made as follows: '89, Grew, Raymond, Endicott, Perry, (anchor); '90, Jones, George, Tyson, Amory, (anchor); '91, De Normandie, Bass, McLellan, Higgins (anchor); '92, Grant, Smith, Motte, Allen, (anchor).

The officers of the meeting will be- Referee, Mr. G. B. Morison, '83; referee of sparring, Dr. Wm. Appleton, '77; judge of wrestling, Mr. Outram Bangs, '85.