THERE will be a meeting of the Pennsylvania club this evening at 24 Felton Hall, at 7.30 o'clock.

The ' Varsity Glee Club will sing at the Boston Art Club, March 23. All members unable then to be present will please notify me at once.

G. C. BULLARD. Pres.ST. PAUL'S SOCIETY.- An envelope was left at my room yesterday morning with two dollars enclosed, but no name. I should like to know the sender's name.

T. W. BALCH, Treasurer.EDITORIAL DINNER-The dinner of the members of all the college papers will be held on Friday evening, March 22, at the Boston Tavern. A blue book for signatures has been left at Leavitt's. Price of dinner $2.50 per plate. Please sign as soon as possible.

COMMITTEE.H. U. B. B. C.- Season tickets will be for sale on March 21st and 28th and April 11th (Thursday.) The treasurer will be at Memorial Hall from 12 to 2 on these days. No tickets will be sold except on those days and no other season tickets will be issued.


J. C. McCOY, Manager.