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Fact and Rumor.


The football team is now at a training table.

The two university crews have been photographed by S. Storrow, '87.

Dr. Williams will refurnish the gymnasium of the Williamsburg Athletic Club.

The Yale class boat races occur today. A close and exciting contest is expected.

The last mortar boards at Columbia are beginning to droop their edges, and they will soon be seen no more at that college.

Cornell has forbidden all cane rushes in future on account of the vigorous manner in which the students engage in them.

Amherst boasts a "Piscatorial Club" which has nearly finished a dam for a fish pond they are constructing.

It has been suggested that from the returns of the last canvass of the college, the votes of those over 21 years of age be taken and counted.

Mr. Brine of Harvard Square expresses his willingness to exchange any Jerseys of regular teams sold to freshmen by mistake.

The result of the presidential canvass in the Medical and Veterinary schools was as follows : Cleveland, 99 ; Blaine, 93. Butler, 2 ; St. John, 2.

Seventeen freshmen turned out to play football yesterday afternoon. This begins to look as though '88 may get a team together after all. [News.]

Messrs. Chandler and Wedell of the Harvard College Observatory show that the comet lately discovered by Wolff of Heidelberg is periodic, with a period of six and two-thirds years.

The officers of the Harvard Observatory have received a cablegram from Kiel, Germany, announcing the discovery of a new asteroid.

The Charles River Horse Railroad has passed through its second year with great success. It carried over 2,000,000 passengers, and its receipts exceeded the liabilities by $7,000.

The Yale freshmen play an eleven composed of members of the preparatory schools in New Haven today. A week from today they will play their second game, -one against the Amherst freshmen.

There will be an excursion today in N. H. 4, under Prof. Shaler, to Nahant Beach. The excursion will leave the Lynn Revere Beach Station in Boston on Atlantic Avenue at 12 M., and will return about 6 P. M.

The Hare and Hounds run of the Bicycle Club did not occur yesterday afternoon, as one of the hares was suddenly obliged to go away. Several members of the club, however, went off on a short run.The Yale freshman eleven expects to play the Amherst freshman team this fall. Why would it not be a good plan for our freshmen to play her. Amherst '88 has a very strong team, and the practice would be extremely advantageous to our class.

The Princeton cane rushes took place last week. They were won by the freshmen, who won two of the three canes contested for. The practice at Princeton is to select three men from the sophomore and freshman classes respectively, and then a pair fights for each cane.

On Wednesday the Princeton eleven, minus several of its regular players. played Stevens Institute at Hoboken. The game was very even, the only score which was made being a touch-down secured by Princeton. Several times the ball was touched in goal at either end of the field. Baker, one of Princeton's half backs, had his nose broken, which will disable him for a short time.

A very exciting game was played yesterday morning on Jarvis between tables from Cotters and Browns. The Cotters were victorious by a score of 19 to O. The following composed the teams : Cotter's : Keyes, Ayer, Hardy, F. S. Coolidge, Kuhn, Robbins, A. Coolidge, Keep, Russell, Loud, and Austin. Brown's : Sampson, Faulkner, Putnam, Hecksher, Buck, McKean, Tyler, De Veau, Clark, Wiestling, and Scott.

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