Co-operative Society Bulletin.

The Society has now a membership of 609 which is 151 less than the membership one year ago. The total receipts to date, since the beginning of the fiscal year Sept. 1, 1888 are $50,487,47 against $43306,29 for the same period last year.

The gain in the book department has not been so large as it has been in other departments because last year even, the Society had already nearly all the book trade it could handle.

This year the prices of college books are lower even, than they were last year; yet better made purchases have enabled the Society to register a gain of profit.

It is extremely difficult to keep the present large stock of books on hand as the stock depreciates rapidly, and with present imperfect system of getting information about the number of books to be used, (implying a chance of oversupply or a lack of sufficient copies for the students of any course) the risk in this department is very great. Few are aware of the extent to which the best books now published have been offered all this year.

Special bargains are offered in this department every day.