Winter Meeting at Amherst.

The annual meeting of the Amherst College Athletic Association took place last Wednesday afternoon. The interest centered on the rivalry between the juniors and the sophomores for the banner ofiered to the class which should win the most prizes.

The first prize in the running high kick was won by R. B. Ludington, '91, record 8 feet 9 inches. J. C. D. Kitchen, '91 was second.

Walker, '91, was awarded first place on the flying rings with Ryckman '91 second.

The record in the running high jump was broken by 1/2 inch by R. B. Luding-ton '91, who cleared 5 feet 61/2 inches; Walker '91. second.

The rope climbing was won by Howland '90, who beat Pope '90, by half a second.

Houghton succeeded in putting the shot 33 feet 71/2 inches, thereby beating the previous Amherst record by 71/2 inches. Alexander'92 took second prize. The next event, the standing high jump, was won by Walker '91, 4 feet seven and a quarter inches. Griswold '92, second.

F. A. De la Barre '90, was awarded first prize in the contest on the horizontal bar. Ingalls '90 took second place. The club swinging was won by Sterrett '90, and Potter, '91 was second. The pole vaulting was won by Ludington, '91, who broke the college record by clearing 8 feet 9 inches.

De la Barre '90 took first prize in tumbling. with Ingalls '90 second, The parallel bar contest was won by Clark, '91, with Gates '90, a close second. De la Barre, '90, won the spring board jumping and broke the college record. His jump was 7 feet 31/2 inches, while Boyd '90, and Child '90, tied for second place.

Pope had a walk over in the heavy weight sparring and the light weight was won by Sexton, '92, over Bennett '91. Thus the sophomores and juniors having each won six first prizes and five second were tied for the banner. The judges awarded the honor of college gymnast to F. A. De la Barre '90. The meeting as a whole was one of the most successful ever held at Amherst.