Concert at Melrose.

Last evening the Freshman Glee and 'Varsity Banjo Clubs gave a concert at Melrose. The Glee Club gave a private concert last term but this was its first appearance in public, and the performance was a very creditable one. In one or two points the club appeared a trifle weak, but on the whole the work was very acceptable and there were several encores. The playing of the Banjo Club was admirable throughout. Each number received an encore, and the audience was evidently delighted with the playing. The programme:

1. "A Wet Sheet and a Flowing Sea."

2. "Thou art my own love." Mr. Porter and Glee Club.

3. Lizette.

4. "Skippers of St. Ives." Mr. Berry and Glee Club.

5. March past. Banjo Club.

6. Lullaby.

7. "A capital ship." Mr. Berry and Glee Club.

8. March Medley. Banjo Club.

9. "We want a drink." Mr. Whitman and Glee Club.

10. "The Quaker." Mr. Berry and Glee Club.

11. Schneider's Band.

12. March Past. Banjo Club.

13. Skating song. Mr. Whitman and quartet.

14. "Imogene Donahue."

15. "Fair Harvard."