Fact and Rumor.

Theses in English 9 will not be accepted after April 19.

There will be a meeting of the Conference Francaise tomorrow night.

W. E. Beer, '91, has been elected secretary of the CRIMSON board in place of W. J. Farquhar, resigned.

The Harvard Union debate announced for next Wednesday evening, has been postponed to Thursday on account of the change of date of the Kneisel Quartete concert.

A vote was taken at the Lasell seminary upon the prohibition constitutional amendment. One hundred and nineteen teachers and pupils voted; 108 yes, 11 no.

Stagg pitched for Yale Saturday in the game with the New Havens. Yale was defeated by a score of 6 to 4, New Haven making four runs in the last inning.

The following is the make-up of the Columbia 'varsity crew: Row, R. T. Watson, '91, 160 pounds; 2, R. Meikleham. '90, 155; 3, W. K. Foote, L. S., 172; 4. W. O'Gorman, jr., L. S., 172. 5, H. C. Tuttle, '91. 180; 6. Eugene Klapp, '89, 165; 7, W. B. Robertson, '91, 160; stroke, H. C. Felton, '89, 160.

The "Collegian" for March which has just appeared, contains the usual literary matter and a special series of letters from the editors of various college publications on "Chapel Attendance; Compulsory or voluntary." The letter from Harvard is signed "CRIMSON." There is also an article on Harvard by R. L. Weeks. The summary of athletic events is excellent.

The regular meeting of the New England Meteorological Society will be held today at 3 p. m., in Worcester. The following papers are expected: A. G. McAdie, "Lightning and the Electricity of the Atmosphere" ; Dr. W. D. Hodges, "Some Studies of the climate of the Massachusetts coast"; Professor W. M. Davis, "Report on the Investigation of the Sea Breeze undertaken in 1887." Desinond Fitzgerald will exhibit some diagrams illustrating evaporation.