LOST.- A "Ladd's Physiological Psychology." Please leave with auditor at Memorial or at Foster's.

CONFERENCE FRAMCAISE.- Rehearsal of 'Les deux Sourds' this afternoon at 5 p. m.

CONFERENCE FRANCAISE.- Meeting this evening as 7.80.

C. COPELAND, Sec.FRESHMAN GLEE CLUB.- Rehearsal at 7 o'clock. Important business.

J. C. HUBBARD, Sec.HARVARD-TECH ROAD RACE.- There will be a run over the course Thursday at 4 p. m., starting from the gymnasium.

REV. Henry S. Nash will speak to the St. Paul's Society at 7 in Grays 17. All are cordially invited.

C. G. PAGE, Sec.HARVARD ELECTRIC CLUB.- Tonight at 7.30 in 37 College House. Election of officers and other important business.

L. K. PEROT, Sec.EVERY man in college who has ever played football or who is at all interested in it is most earnestly requested either to come out and kick personally or to urge his friends to do so.