English 6.

DEBATE OF MAY 15, 1889.Question, "Resolved, That the policy of President Harrison is detrimental to the interests of the Republican party."

Brief for the Afformative.J. T. Stone and E. I. Jellinek.

Best general references: Address of George William Curtis, in New York Evening Post, May 3; Boston Post, May 6, 1889.

I. The interests of the Republican party cannot permanently be opposed to the interests of the country:- Harison's inaugural address.

II. The only policy which has been distinctly formulated by the administration is that relating to the civil service:- Civil Service Record for May, 1889; Bishop Potter's address and interview, Boston Post, May 1 and 2; Nation, March 28, 1889.

III. Recognizing the evils of the spoils system, the Republican party and the president are fully pledged to reform the civil service:- Republican platform; Harrison's letter of acceptance, Advertiser, September 12, 1888, and inaugural address; Civil Service Record for March, 1889.

IV. President Harrison has (1) lowered the standard of the public servic:- Nation, March 7, 14, 21, April 4, 25; The American, March 9; Boston Post, April 22. (2) He has violated his pledge:- Nation, March 28, April 11, 18, 25, May 2; Boston Post, May 6; The American, April 13; Civil Service Record for May; Public Opinion, April 20; Boston Herald, April 30.

V. The appointments of the administration have not tended to strengthen the party:- Public Opinion, April 6; Boston Post, May 6, March 26.

VI. The financial policy of the administration (1) points towards extravagance:- Nation, March 28, 1889; Public Opinion, April 20. (2) It gives no hope of tarriff reduction:- Nation, April 18, 1889.

Brief for the Negative.J. M. Newell and Thornton Woodbury.

Best general references. The Boston Advertiser, March 5, 1889, Public Opinion, March 9, 1889.

1. President Harrison's cabinet appointments have been good ones and have consolidated the party.- Public opinion, March 9, Boston Journal, March 25.

2. His appointments to the foreign missions have been wise especially to the lesser missions.- Nation, March 21.

3. In spite of exceptional difficulties he has shown loyalty to civil service reform.- American, April 13 and 27, 1889. (a) The mail service has been very early put under the protection of civil service rules.- Boston Journal, April 9 and 18. (b) The territorial appointments have been made from residents of the territories.- Public opinions, March 16, 1889. (c) The make up of the Civil Service Commission is most excellent.- Boston Post, May 8, 1889.

4. Asking the advice of congressmen shows a desire to strengthen the party in a perfectly legitimate way.- Public Opinion, April 20, 1889.