Fact and Rumor.

Yale plays Amhert at Amherst tomorrow.

There will be no lectute in Fine Arts 3 on Saturday.

The second thesis in Philosophy I is due on May 15.

The Cornell crew intends soon to row on Sundays.

The Fencing club shingles are ready for those who have paid their dues.


The freshman crew followed the race last Wednesday in their barge.

The lecture in French I will be held in Upper Mass. today.

There was an hour examination in Mathematics E. yesterday.

The Glee club will sing at the Boston Athletic club Saturday evening.

The annual election of officers of the Yale navy occurred last Wednesday.

Bound volumes of the Tech have been sent to the Paris exposition.

There is some talk of forming a Western Collegiate Press Association.

White, of last years Andover team is at present pitching for the Exeter team.

The CRIMSON will post at Leavitt's three notices of the Harvard-Princeton game tomorrow.

There will be a meeting of the Harvard Shooting club this afternoon at Watertown.