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Fact and Rumor.


Dr. Hale leads chapel this morning, and will continue to do so for the rest of this month.

Mumps have jumped from Harvard to Cornell and are swelling the cheek of that institution.

Captain Willard was obliged to be in New York city at the time of the Dartmouth game, and so did not play.

The number of Columbia men who attended the performance of the Hasty Pudding Club in New York was very large.

The tennis courts on Holmes and Jarvis have been raked and rolled during the recess, and are now nearly ready for use.

A two-column article upon the Harvard Dining Association and its methods of supply appears in the Princetonian of the 6th.

During the recess, the college slaves have been making extensive preparations for the new shrubs which are to be laid out in the yard. The barren south side of Grays is to have a facade of green also.

Mr. George Riddle, '74, the well-known elocutionist, has gone upon the stage again, and is playing this week at the Hollis Street Theatre in the "Earl," a tragedy in blank verse by Mr. Edgar Fawcett, the New York poet and novelist.

The Princeton student's conference committee has passed resolutions condemning the practise of cheating at examinations. In order to do away with it, the members resolve to culti a high sense of honor and at the same time advise the faculty to keep the examination desks further apart.

The elder Aggassiz learned something one day in Chicago. He saw a workman place five bricks in a pail even full of water without causing a drop to run over, and the great naturalist handed the man a $2 bill and made a note of the circumstance.

The following is the make up of the nine which will play the Technology team this afternoon: Boyden, p.; Henshaw, c.; Willard, 1b.; Mumford, 2d; Holden, 3b.; Wiestling, s. s.; and Foster, Loud and Campbell in the outfield.

The Princetonian came out on the 6th with a special eight-page issue at the time of the withdrawal of the senior board and also upon the completion of the eleventh volume. The excellence of the number, in both form and matter, does honor to college journalism. During the past year the Princetonian has printed 950 feet of reading matter in 100 copies.

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