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Princeton Letter.


Editors Daily Crimson:

The base ball nine is at present in fair physical condition with the exception of a few battered fingers. The last two games have somewhat shaken the faith in the nine. In the Yale-Princeton game our fielding was miserable, and our battery work only little better, The redeeming feature of the game was tho hard batting, and now even that seems to have left us. On Saturday, against Harvard, Princeton put up one of the worst games if not the worst, she has yet played, as is shown by the nine errors and the scarcity of hits Unless there is marked and speedy improvement, we shall have to throw over all hopes of first or second place.

Lacrosse is rather prosperous. In the games which have already been played, the team has shown up well enough, considering the number of new men on the twelve. Two championship games have already been easily won, Stevens was defeated ten to nothing, and Lehigh six to nothing. Little is known here about he Harvard team and therefore comparison is altogether impossible. But there are those who confidently expect that we shall be successful and carry off the first honors.

Captain Janeway will have a small but strong team of men at the Berkeley Oval on the 25th. Princeton counts on Dohm in the quarter and half and Janeway will make a good showing in the shot.

A football squad has been for some time steadily working under the direction of Irwine, '88. Most of their time is spent in kicking and passing, the weather being too hot for very violent exercise. But few of the old men will be back next year, and it will be only by hard and timely work that Princeton can put a good team in the field.

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