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Princeton, 3 goals; Harvard, 1 goal.


The Princeton lacrosse team defeated the Harvard twelve on Jarvis field last Saturday by a score of three goals to one. The game was witnessed by a rather small audience, a large portion of whom were ladies. The heat was intense.

The game was commenced shortly after three o'clock, the positions being as follows: Harvard-Hall, goal; Pulsifer, point; Griswold, cover point; Reisner, Henshaw, Rourke, defence; Thorndike, centre; Towle, Blodgett, Van Duzee, attack; Haskell, Harding, homes. Princeton.- Payne, goal; Emmons, point; Graham, cover point; Taylor, Chapin, Vorhees. defence; Segur centre; Poe, Browning, Paxton, defence; Briggs Bonsal (capt), homes.

Towle soon got the ball and narrowly missed scoring a goal. The ball was brought out and passed to Harding but he failed to score. Princeton then rallied and the ball went from one end of the field to the other. After a minute or two Briggs got the ball and threw the first goal for Princeton. When the ball was drawn off Harvard forced it straight toward Princeton's goal, but it was returned by a long throw. After some long throws by both teams, Princeton by good passing worked the ball down to Harvard's end of the field and Browning made the second goal for Princeton. After the ball had been drawn off, Blodgett secured it and did some good work, but Princeton soon got possession of the ball and sent it well down toward the Harvard goal posts. Griswold made a strong throw, and good runs were made at this point by Pulsifer, Towle and Harding. Harding then made a good shot at goal which was only stopped by Princeton's goal keeper. Hall also saved a goal by a good stop. Just before time was called Princeton scored their last goal.

As soon as the ball had been put in play in the second half, Towle rushed it towards Princeton's goal, and scored by a very difficult diagonal throw. This was the last goal made by either side, and after a few minutes of uneventful play, time was called.

The Harvard team did not cover goal well, while their attack showed a tendency to crowd in on their defense, so that when the ball did arrive at Princeton's goal, the Harvard men were out numbered three to one and no goal could be obtained.

The loss of this game gives Princeton the championship, but Harvard has a chance for second place.

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