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Fact and Rumor.


Scratch races to-day at 12 m.

Weed, '86, was practicing with the 'varsity yesterday afternoon.

At five o'clock yesterday sixty men were exercising in the gymnasium.

G. R. Nutter, '85 has received the appointment of instructor in themes.

It is rumored that Prof. Lane's Latin Grammar will shortly appear.

Prof. Geo. Harris of Andover preaches in Appleton Chapel tomorrow evening.

Make-up examination in Pol. Econ. I this morning in Harvard 4 at 9 o'clock.

C. F. Adams, '88, has been elected captain of the sophomore crew, vice Woodman, resigned.

The last year's committee from Histors 13 has donated the surplus of the fund collected for notes - about $14,00 - to the library.

The London Life is authority for the statement that Dr. William Rendle has in press a monograph on John Harvard.

The Harvard nine will be made up to-day as follows: Henshaw, c.; Smith, p.; Willard, 1 b.; Phillips, 2 b.; G. S. Weed, 3 b.; Wiestling, s. s.; Foster, 1. f.; Edgerly, c. f.; Choate, r. f. This will be the last game this fall. Beamen, '85 will play with the Rollstones.

Rev. Geo. Batchellor, of Chicago, will deliver a course of twenty lectures to the Students of the Divinity School on the Ethics of the New Testament.

Prof. Shaler will conduct an N. H. 4 excursion to-day to Wollaston, near Quincy. Those desiring to go will take the train from the Old Colony Station at 1.15, and will return at 5.35.

Second year honors in Mathematics have been awarded as follows: Honors, Lloyd, '86; Underwood, '86; Buckingham, '87; Pastorius, '87; J. E. Walker, '87. Highest Honors, Gunnison, '86; Osgood, '86; Bocher, '88.

The Mass. Agricultural College at Amherst has one of the most enterprising foot ball teams ever formed at that college. It has played one drawn and two winning games with the strong Amherst college team.

The following officers of the Everett Athenaeum were held this afternoon: President, Whipple; vice-president, Platt; secretary, Hammett; treasurer, Peck; stage manager, Rolfe; chorister, Seelye. The second ten will consist of Federhen, Hesseltine, Howard, Jones, Nelson, Peck, Platt, Pratt, Towle.

'87 and '89 had a practice game of foot-ball yesterday afternoon. There were the usual number of freshmen present, and '87 was represented by R. F. Fiske, Herron, Ayer, H. E. Peabody, Austin, Carmalt, Scott, Faulkner, Bartol, Bowen and Fletcher.

A scientist at Rutgers College, New Brunswick, N. J., noted the shock of the Flood Rock explosion just one minute after the appointed time and just fifteen minutes before the explosion occurred. - Journal.

Canoeing is the particular vanity of the Cambridge girl. She had a thousand times rather be upset trying to paddle her own canoe in Charles river than to go through the Harvard "Annex" with all the honors. - Beacon.

The French department announces four evenings given to French authors, October 20, 27, Novembers 3 and 10. On the first evening Mr. Bocher will translate from Moliere's "Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme," on the second Mr. Cohn will translate from "La chanson de Roland"; on the third Prof. Bocher will read from "On ne badine pas avec l'Amour"; and on the fourth Mr. Cohn will read from Lamartine.

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