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The class games were held yesterday afternoon on Holmes field in the presence of three hundred people. There was little wind, the track was in good condition, and had the temperature been a few degrees higher, the conditions for fast time would have been perfect. The following is a complete list on the entries and winner of each event.

Ninety-one: 120-yards hurdle-The entries were A. S. Wolcott and T. P. King. The men got away together and for ninety yards they kept abreast of each other. When only three hurdles remained to be cleared, Wolcott drew away from King and won in 20 3-4 seconds.

Ninety: 2-mile bicycle race-The event was contested by C. W. Spencer, who rode a star bicycle, and E. F. Rogers, on a safety machine. Spencer took the lead and made the first mile in 3 minutes, 36 seconds. At the beginning of the last half-mile, Rogers passed Spencer and won easily in 7 minutes, 1-4 seconds.

Ninety-one: Two-mile bicycle race-The competitors were R. H. Davis and K. Brown; Davis soon took the lead with Brown only a few feet behind. The same relative positions were maintained until the home stretch was reached, when Brown made a desperate effort to overtake Davis, but did not succeed, and Davis won in 6 minutes, 47 3-5 seconds. Davis' time for the first mile was 3 minutes, 32 seconds.

Ninety-two: Two-mile bicycle race-The entries were W. B. Greenleaf and R. W. Holmes. Green leaf took the lead from the start, made the first mile in 3 minutes, 4 seconds, and won by about three-quarters of a lap in 6 minutes, 13 3-5 seconds.

Ninety: 220-yards dash-W. C. Downes won in 26 1-5 seconds. The only other entry was R. R. Endicott.

Eighty-nine: 100-yards dash-F. B. Lord beat J. W. Merrill by four feet. Tine, 11 1-4 seconds.

Ninety-one: 100 yards dash.- The entries were J. P. Lee, E. C. Moen, C. F. Winslow and S. Wells. Lee won by about 11/2 feet in 10 3-4 seconds Moen second, Wells third.

Ninety-two: 100 yards dash.- The entries were J. H. Rhoades, O. K. Hawes, J. Cook, A. H. Green and G. F. Brown. Hawes won in 11 seconds.

Ninety-two: One mile walk.- The entries were C. T. R. Bates and R. W, Hale. Bates won in 7 minutes 381/2 seconds. Mr. Hale only entered in order that Bates might receive a prize.

Ninety-one: 880 yards run.- This was one of the prettiest events of the meeting. It was contested by T. J. Stead, A. H. Williams, S. W. Priest, and J. L. Dodge. Williams led until within ten yards of the finish when Stead by a magnificent spurt passed him and won by a narrow margin. Time, 2 minutes, 7 2-5 seconds.

Ninety-two: 880 yards runs.- G. L. Batcheldor, H. L. Grant and H. D. Frost appeared for this event. Batchelder won easily in 2 minutes 121/2 second, Grant second.

Ninety: 440 yards dash.- The entries were W. C. Downes, R. R. Endicott and E. Sturgis. Downes won easily in 51 seconds, Endicott was second.

Ninety-one: 440 yards dash.- As T. J. Stead withdrew, F. W. Burlingham had a walk over. He went over the course in 56 3-4 seconds. E. C. Moen set the pace at the start and finish.

Ninety-two: 440 yards dash.- W. H. Wright beat J. H. Rhoades by about seven feet. Time, 1 minute 1/2second.

Eighty-nine: 220 yards dash.- Contested by F. B. Lord and J. W. Merrill. Lord won by ten feet. Time, 25 seconds.

Ninety-one: 230 yard dash.- The entries were S. Wells, J. P. Lee, C. F. Winslow and E. C. Moen. Lee won the event in 24 seconds. Moen was two feet behind him and Wells was third.

Ninety-two: 220 yards dash.- W. H. Wright and O. K. Hawes, were the contestants; Hawes won; time 25 seconds.

Eighty-nine: Running broad jump-Won by R. G. Leavitt. Distance, 19 feet, 2 1-2 inches. J. W. Merrill was the only other entry.

Ninety: Running broad jump-The entries were G. W. Wheelwright and R. Jones. Wheelwright won; distance, 19 feet, 1 inch.

Ninety-two: Running broad jump-The competitors were W. H. Duane and A. H. Green. Won by Duane; distance, 18 feet, 8 1-4 inch.

Ninety-two: Pole vault-This event was contested by W. N. Duane, and A. H. Green. It was won by Duane, who cleared 8 feet, 3 inches.

Ninety-two: Putting the shot-Allen won with a put of 33 feet, 5 1-2 inches. A. H. Green was the only other entry.

Ninety-two: Throwing the hammer-Allen won with a throw of 75 feet, 1 inch. A. H. Green only entered this event to save a walkover.

The officers of the meeting were; referee, Mr. J. D. Bradley, '88; judges, Mr. T. Woodbury, '89, Mr. All ston Burr, '89; starter, Mr E. C. Wright, L. S.; timers, Mr. J. G. Lathrop, Mr. J. H. Rhoades, '92; clerk of the course, Mr. J. Wendell, Jr., '81; measurer, Mr. W. Myer, '90; assistant clerks of the course, Mr. J. H. Rhoades, '92, Mr. J. H. Hunt, '92.

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