Fact and Rumor.

Forensics will be returned to Seniors today at 3 p. m. in Sever.

Seats for the observation cars are already on sale at New Haven.

Five new professorships will be created at Columbia next year.

The last number of Harper's Weekly contains a number of views of Cornell.

Alpha Delta Phi is to erect a handsome chapter house at Amherst during the summer.


The annual prize reading and speaking of Tufts college was held Tuesday afternoon.

More than thirty Yale men have signified their intention of going to the Chautauqua Summer School.

The faculty at Dartmouth has taken away the scholarships from the students who were concerned in last term's disturbance.

It is probable that the University of Pennsylvania will enter an eight-oared crew in the regatta to be held at Lake Quinsigamond on the 17th.

Professor Taussig will meet students who wish to confer with him on the courses in Political Economy for next year, on Friday, June 14, in U. 6, between 2.30 and 3.30 p. m.

The Summer courses in Engineering I [Surveying] and Engineering IV [Railroad Surveying] will begin on July and August 12 respectively. The course are the same as are given in term time, and by a recent vote of the Facult will count as full courses by those who pass the regular examination. For particulars inquire of Mr. Wait. Lawrence Scientific School.

The Theta Delta Chi Association of

The annual dinner of the Harvard Bicycle club was held at Woodlawn Hotel, Auburndale, Tuesday, June 11. Owing to the threatening weather the full number of members expected was not present, but those who went were well repaid for their trouble. The dinner was voted a success by all, and the ride home, thanks to a full moon and good roads was a fitting close to a very enjoyable evening.