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We publish today the constitution governing freshman athletics as it was accepted by Ninety-two on Tuesday evening. It is to be hoped that Yale, '92, will agree to the action taken by Harvard, for the proposed rules, if adopted, will remove many objection able features from freshmen athletics In the past the playing of dropped men and professional school men on freshman teams by both Harvard and Yale has caused a great deal of bad feeling and most of the games have been played under protest. The new constitution does away with all such difficulty and requires that a freshman team be one made up exclusively of freshmen. This puts freshman contests on a perfectly just basis an leaves no reason for dispute or protest.

That the new constitution provides for three baseball games in place on the two now played will appeal to all as a needed change. The old system of two games has been indecisive and practically useless.

In every respect the constitution as adopted is good one and puts on a firmer and surer foundation the athletic contest between the freshman classes of Harvard and Yale. We see no reason why Yale should not be glad to join with us in adopting these changes for they are just and necessary and will benefit Yale equally with Harvard.

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