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Editors Daily Crimson:

Allow me, through your columns, to call to the attention of all Harvard men the fact that the 'varsity nine must win one of the three games to be played with Yale in order to tie for second place with Princeton, two games to win second place, and three games to win the championship. It may seem hopeless to talk of winning the championship, but at least Harvard should be spared the disgrace of being out ranked by Princeton. This has not happened for six years and should not be allowed to happen now. Every Harvard man should do all in his power to prevent the occurance of what would be the crowing stroke of calamity to our athletic interests. The 'varsity nine has shown at various and intermittent times that it can play winning ball. The college can rest assured that the nine will do its utmost to defeat Yale on Saturday if it receives proper support. Every Harvard man should go to the game prepared to show Captain Willard that the college is backing him. The moment the game begins, some one should start a cheer, and that cheer should not for a moment be allowed to die out. The nine should be spurred on to victory when winning, and encouraged when playing an uphill game. If the game is lost all Harvard men will be equally to blame. There can be no doubt that the Memorial day game was lost by the coldness of the spectators. Enthusiasm as certainly won the game of last Saturday. The college is at liberty to choose which course of action it prefers, but if every Harvard man does not go to the game on Saturday, and when there, cheer his throat out for the nine, whether it is winning or losing, the disgrace brought upon Harvard will out-do that incurred by the Ninety-two nine.


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