Special Notices.

ENGLISH A.- Seminar, Friday evening, June 7, at 7.30 o'clock.

C. A. HIGHT,2t 25 Stoughton.

TUTOR WANTED.- For the vacation, to live in my family at Chocorua, N. H., and teach latin and arithmetic two hours a day to a boy of ten. All expenses will be paid, but no wages are offered. A man interested in natural history is preferred. Apply before 1 p. m. at 18 Garden street Cambridge.

WILLIAM JAMES.Second-hand College Text-Books and Law Books bought or exchanged. Notify me and I will send and get them and pay you cash for them.



Beginning Wednesday, June 5th at lunch all orders for extras must be according by checks obtained of the Auditor. Checks in any amount not exceeding five dollars to be charged on the term bill can be obtained before that time. On and after June 5 all checks obtained must be paid for in cash. Unused checks are not redeemable.

LYMAN B. FISKE, Auditor.TO LET.- Very desirable rooms for coming college year. Apply to

J. S. CRANSTON, 24 Arrow St.Tutoring in Mathematics E, Physics B, Physics C, and Chemistry B.

G. D. BUSSEY.91-6t 10 College House.

Tutoring in Mathematics and French.

PERRY LAWTON, '88,90-6t 25 Hollis Hall.