Harvard-Columbia Freshman Race.

HARVARD, '92, WINS.The Harvard freshmen were successful for the first time since '86, in the annual eight-oared race with Columbia '92, rowed at New London, on June 27. The race was rowed in a cross wind and strong tide before an unusually large number of people. Harvard, although hard pushed, was never headed after the start. She caught the water first, and started off rowing thirty-six to the minute. At the quarter, Harvard was ahead, rowing thirty-four, and continued to gain slowly throughout the race. In the last half mile Columbia attempted to spurt and gained half a length on Harvard, but Harvard increased her stroke to thirty-five and crossed the line seven seconds, or about two lengths head. The crews and officers of the race were as follows:


Bow, N. Rantoul 18 154

2, G. C. Dewey, 20 158

3, J. C. Powers, 19 150

4, G. F. Stedman, 19 164

5, D. F. Jones, 21 160

6, F. N. Watriss, 18 167

7, J. H. Kidder, 19 156

Stroke, J. H. Goddard, 18 177

Coxswain, I. Amory, 18 114


Bow, J. A. Barnard, 19 139.5

2, D. Bandler, 18 142