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Editors Daily Crimson:

The subject of intercollegiate tug-of-war has been pretty thoroughly discussed during the past year or two, and the question as to its continuance as an intercollegiate sport Las been brought up more than once. Several years ago the sport was very popular, but as its really dangerous character became recognized, it lost, to a great degree, its place among athletics. I, myself, think that the colleges should abolish the sport without doubt. In an experience of several years I have found it almost invariably the case that at some time in his career every tug-of-war man receives some injury, be it serious or otherwise, from the so called sport. For this reason I believe that the colleges should do all they can to put a stop to tug-of-war contests. As for the part that Harvard shall play in such an action, the opinion of the college will, of course, have the saying. From what I have learned in talking with a large number of experienced men on the subject, I should judge that this decision of the college would be largely in favor of instruction her delegates to make every effort at the intercollegiate athletic association convention to have the tug-of-war abolished. Dr. Sargent, in past years, has been faithfully quoted as opposed to this sport on the ground of its extreme danger, and there is any number of medical men who have declared themselves very strongly for a like opinion. The example of many men, both graduate and undergraduate, who have received temporary or permanent injury from the tug-of-war shows plainly enough the extreme risk of the sport, and on that account I sincerely hope that the colleges will abolish it.

Until such an action should be taken, however, I am strongly in favor of Harvard's continuing to put a team in the field; in fact, I do not see how she can do otherwise. I hope, however, that it will not long be necessary for Harvard to devote any of her athletic energies in that direction.