Fact and Rumor.

The forensic in English C is due next Monday.

Mr. A. Tassin '92, has been elected a regular editor of the Advocate.

Blue books for the examination in English 9 must be handed in today.

The freshman Glee club will give a concert after the mid-years.

The first eight of the Phi Beta Kappa from '91 will be chosen in February.


After the mid-years the candidates for the freshman crew will be cut down to twenty.

All blue books in French A which contain the term's exercises will be called for on Friday.

The third hour exercises in English A will be omitted on the Wednesday before the mid-years.

W. Wells has been elected captain of the senior class crew in place of C. L. Crehore resigned.

The comedy which the Conference Francaise will play this year will probably be "Voyage a Dieppe."

Among the new candidates for coxswain of the crew are H. Gregory, '92, W. F. Baker, '93, and W. C. Nichols, '93.

In the new Pratt athletic field at Amherst there will be a half-mile oval track, and a quarter-mile straight away track. The base ball diamond will be within the oval and the tennis courts in other parts of the twenty acres.

Professor F. D. Allen has in his leisure moment set to music all the odes of Horace.

Assistant Professor Wendell will give a summary of the work done in English A, in his lecture next Tuesday.

A portrait of Professor John K. Paine appears in the January New England Magazine in an article entitled "Boston Composers."