Fact and Rumor.

There will be no daily themes in English 12 during the mid year period.

The first Monday night assembly will be held tonight in Social Union hall.

Tomorrow is the last day on which the blue books of Latin B will be received.

The freshman Glee club will sing at the reception of Dr. Morgan, on Wednesday evening.

Rogers, '93, has been appointed temporary captain of the Yale freshman crew.


The mid year examination in Philosophy 2 will include everything up to Plato.

Blue books for the mid year examination in Latin D may be handed in either today or Wednesday.

Tobey, who was one of the best men in Cornell's crew last year, has decided not to row this year, on account of the press of college work.

The 'varsity crew, while running across the ice on Glacialis, Saturday afternoon, broke through and got wet enough to make it uncomfortable.

The rooms in which the mid year examination in English A will be held will be announced tomorrow. The class will be divided into sections alphabetically. No blue books will be received after tomorrow.

Moody, the evangelist, will speak at Cornell on Wednesday, January 22.

Blue books for the mid year examination in Mathematics A must be in on Tuesday, and those for German A and Latin C must be in on Wednesday.

The New York Home Journal praises the "Island Fantasy" recently played in New York. Professor J. K. Paine, of the Musical department, is its author.

The annual concert of the Yale Glee and Banjo clubs occurs tonight. After the concert the sophomore German will be danced in Loomis' Temple of Music.

The Cornell freshman crew wants the freshman crews of Yale and University of Pennsylvania to enter a triangular race to be rowed on Cayuga lake.