Fact and Rumor.

H. A. Clark, '89, has entered the Law school.

Clarkson took charge of the candidates for the nine yesterday.

Blue books for Pol. Econ. 4 and Latin C must be in by Wednesday.

All members of Phil. 2 must get specimens for dissection before Thursday, as none will be given out after that day.

Blue books for the mid year examinations must be handed in on or before the last recitation.


The sending of this year's catalogue to graduates has cost the college over five hundred dollars for postage.

Mr. Cobb discussed the recent examination paper in N. H. 4 with about forty men yesterday afternoon.

In German A and English A, the scope of the examinations will, as far as practicable, be explained today.

An unannounced hour examination in Chemistry 5 for last Friday was postponed on account of the small attendance.

The February number of the Century will contain an article by Professor G. P. Fisher, of Yale, on "The Gradualness of Revelation."

The candidates for the freshman nine began practice of starting from a base in the gymnasium cage yesterday.

Themes in English XII. will be returned to sections 1 and 2 on Wednesday; to sections 3 and 4 at some date to be announced later by Professor Briggs.

The examination in Latin 2 will consist of a sight passage from Cicero, and one from Pliny. The class is also held responsible for all the Pliny read this year.

The subjects of Professor Hill's critical lectures, which he will deliver after the mid years in English A on Tuesdays, will be, Dryden, Pope, Swift, Addison, and Defoe.

Mr. Hayes requests that members of the voluntary classes in Elocution come prepared at the next meeting with the oration announced- Webster's "True Eloquence."

President Francis A. Walker of Technology, will speak on his "Theory of Distribution" before the members of the Finance club in University 13 this evening. Non-members may secure admission by seeing Mr. A. C. Miller at 7 Weld hall.

Men who are to take the mid year examination in English A will do well to remember that Professor Wendell gives a summary of the course at the regular lecture today, and that all blue books must be handed in at 1 p. m.

The examination in German 3 will cover all the plays and poems read. The nature of the examination will be somewhat as follows: Passages to translate into English to test accuracy; German synonyms; explanation in German of phrases and passages; and outlines in German of ballads, or scenes of plays.