Fact and Rumor.

A thesis will be due in French 4 just after the midyears.

After the reception at Dr. Morgan's last evening, the freshman Glee club serenaded several hours.

In Greek C, "The Seven against Thebes of Aeschylus." will be the first play read after the midyears.

Dohm of Princeton will run in the quarter and half-mile at the games in Mechanics Hall on February 15.

Professor Hart will lecture today in lower Mass upon the geography requisite for the mid-year examination in History 13.


Professor J. W. White gave a lecture illustrated by stereopticon views Monday to the members of Greek 2, on the "Eedipus Tyrannus."

Professor MacVane will not lecture in History I. directly after the mid-years as previously reported. Professor Channing will lecture in the course as far as the Reformation; then Professor MacVane will lecture till the April recess, and after that Professor Channing will again take the course.

Professor C. J. White will be in University examination room Monday, January 27 at 3 p. m. to answer any questions relative to Math. D.

The 'Varsity club has been obliged to give up its rooms on account of its financial condition. The debts of the club will be paid by an assessment on the members.

The following members were elected to the Guitar and Mandolin club: W. K. Rose, '90, L. Thompson, '92, G. Lowell, '92, H. W. Patterson, '93. No rehearsals will be held during the mid years.

There will be no midyear examination in Mathematic 4. The members of the course will, however, be expected to hand in within two weeks after the beginning of the second half-year solutions to twenty specified problems.

There are 850 quarts of milk used every day at Memorial, and about 500 pounds of beef are bought whenever they have beef for dinner. Two barrels of flour are consumed in a day. All victuals left over are sold early in the morning to the poor at the rate of ten cents a basket.

At the invitation of Professor F. G. Peabody a number of the charity workers of the college assembled at his house Tuesday afternoon to meet Mr. A. T. White. An informal talk was held and many of those who are working under the Associated Charities related their experience.

Owing to the absence of Professor Dunbar it has been impossible to provide this year for that division of the class in Pol. Econ. I. into theoretical and practical sections which usually takes place after the mid-years. A sort of compromise course will be arranged, partly theoretical and partly practical.

Professor Mark will meet the class in N. H. 2 on Wednesday, January 29, at 2.30 p. m. to answer any questions the students may have in regard to work done during the past half-year. Each question must be written on a separate piece of paper and handed in by 2.15 p. m. on the above date. The quiz will be held in the regular lecture room. This will be the last opportunity for handing in the laboratory note books.