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The Drum Major.


Last night at the Hollis St. Theatre Rudolph Aronson's Opera Company began a four week's engagement during which revivals of "Nadjy" and the ever popular "Erminie" will be given. The engagement began with the production of the latest Casino success, "The Drum Major." The opera is a worthy successor to "The Brigands," which achieved such success in Boston last fall. The military character of the opera affords many opportunities for elaborate scenic display, and all of these have been improved; the opera is a series of beautiful pictures. The march in the last act is a particularly striking feature; the troops, gorgeously arrayed in the regulation French army uniform of the period of the opera, are preceded by a military band; many of the movements executed are new. Pauline Hall did not sing the role of Stella; she is expected to assume the role, however, during the remainder of the engagement. Eva Davenport sang the role in a fairly acceptable manner. The other members of the company acquitted themselves with great credit; both Georgie Dennin and James T. Powers acted and sang with great spirit. The "Drum Major" will be given during the present week.

My Jack.The first presentation of "My Jack" was given at the Boston theatre last evening. The play is strong in parts and presents some remarkably vivid scenes. At some points, however, if lacks force, and the transition from one scene to another is sometimes startling. The plot savors strongly of the sensational but the interest is well sustained from beginning to end, and the realistic strength of some of the situations is great. "Jack Meredith," the central figure of the cast, was taken by Mr. J. H. Gilmour very creditably. His personality was strong, and his acting forceful. Mr. Russell Bassett made a hit as "Patrick Doolan," a British sailor. Miss Isabelle Evesson did the part of "Dorothy," Jack's sweetheart, in a very taking fashion. Her stage presence is good, and added much to the success which she scored by her acting alone.

A Gold Mine.Nat. C. Goodwin appeared last evening at the Tremont theatre. His impersonation of the mine's owner in a foreign land was consistent and excellent. He took the part of a typical American gentleman from the far west, bright, witty, and true-hearted. In several pathetic scenes he was fine, and in a lovemaking scenes was sympathetic. His company gave excellent support. The new comedy, "Colonel Tom," is announced for production during Mr. Goodwin's stay.

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