Fact and Rumor.

There are 410 men in the freshman class at Yale.

Gill, ex-captain of the Yale eleven is training the Dartmouth team.

There was a further thinning out in Fine Arts 3 yesterday.

Evart Wendell, '82 was a spectator at the football practice yesterday.

An unusually large number of men have been excluded from History 1 this year.


Owing to a severe cold Prof. Norton gave no regular lecture in Fine Arts 3 yesterday.

The freshman class at Amherst is unusually small this year. Only 76 men have entered.

The annual football game between Exeter and Andover will be played in Andover, November 8.

Thomas Pettitt has surrendered the court tennis championship of the world and presented it to Saunders of England. Pettit says he is unable to afford the time necessary to defend the title.

J. Crane, Jr., '90, is taking a two year's course at the Tech.

Hereafter breakfast at Memorial will be from 7.30 to 9.00.

The candidates for the Princeton football team are on the whole lighter than last year.

Edgar Allan Poe will captain the football team at Princeton again this year.

'92 has won the class championship at Williams.

J. H. Morse, L. S., S. V. R. Crosby, 91, and S. M. Brice, '93, coached the freshman candidates on Norton's field yesterday.