Fact and Rumor.

Hathawy is coaching the candidates for the '93 crew.

Seats at Memorial were re-assigned yesterday at lunch.

Hutchinson, '90, has entered the University of Pennsylvania.

The sections in Political Economy 1 which have met in U. 16, will meet hereafter in U. 2.

It is reported that Stagg is to coach the Yale eleven this fall and the nine in the spring.


There will be an examination in Geology 4 Oct. 10, covering the coarse print and diagrams in the first 114 pages of the manual.

Stevens has withdrawn from the New England Intercollegiate Associatiation for one year. His place is taken by Bowdoin.

The assignment of seats in French 1a was unavoidedly postponed yesterday. Notice of assignment will be posted early. Monday morning.

Frederick H. Briggs, '85, died in New York on Monday. He was on the Lampoon while in college, and since graduation has been engaged in journalism in San Francisco and New York.

All men in English B who have not received cards on which to write the subject of their next theme, must procure them at 18 Grays during office hours, and must deposit them in the theme box on or before October 21.

The large room on the lower floor of Harvard is about to be fitted up as a reading room for students in the historical department. The Evans library will be placed there. It is intended to make the room a sort of headquarters of the historical department.