Fact and Rumor.

Williams has three foot ball teams in constant practice.

The entries of the tennis tournament will close tonight.

An hour examination will soon be held in History 11.

Crosby, '91, and Goldthwaite, '91, are coaching the freshman team.

H. C. Smith '93 has been appointed manager of the second eleven.


The second eleven will play Technology Saturday, on Norton's field.

German 5 will commence Strasburg's "Tristan und Isolde" next Friday.

The cost of the new gymnasium at Brown University will be $51,000.

Word, '94 has been elected temporary captain of the Yale freshman eleven.

P. Gardner has been appointed temporary captain of the freshman eleven.

The Yale University Base Ball Association cleared over $3,000 last season.

T. J. Stead, '91, ran a hundred yards in 10 3-5 seconds day before yesterday.

Harvard will play Williams October 22 and Yale will play Williams October 25.

President Gates, the new president of Amherst, will assume his duties November 1.

The freshman team will play Exeter October 22 at Exeter, and Andover Oct. 18 at Andover.