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Harvard Fall Tournament.


The drawings for the tennis tournament resulted as follows: Preliminary round: 1-J. A. Bailey, L. S. vs. W. C. Nichols '93; 2-Elbrey Sedgwick '94 vs. A. H. Lockett '92; 3-H. M. Battelle '93 vs. G. F. Brown. Jr. '92; 4-G. T. Burrows, L. S. vs. R. T. Whitehouse '91; 5-Thomas Ewing, Jr., L. S. vs. E. C. Niles, L. S.; 6-M. F. Russell '94 vs. A. S. Taylor '94; 7-W D. Orcutt '92 vs. R. B. Hale '91; 8-W. B. Dinsmore '93 vs. F. W. Cobb, Sp. First round: E. B. Hinckley, L. S. vs. A. H. Brooks '91; G. W. Lee, L. S. vs. J. D. Baldwin '93; J. T. Kilbreth '94 vs. A. E. Burr '91; J. Codman '92 vs. S. T. Chase '92; J. A. Parker '91 vs. J. D. Arnold '94; H. S. Potter '92 vs. K. Brown '91; winner of 1 vs. winner of 2; 3 vs. 4; 5 vs. 6; 7 vs. 8; W. O. Harrison '94 vs. Frederick Winsor '93; W. A. Pease, Jr. '93 vs. E. Lincoln '92; G. B. Wilson '94 vs. T. Barron '91; Perl '91 vs. L. B.Thomas, Sp.; R. W. Nutter '91 vs. L. W. Scheyer '92; F. H. Hovey, L. S. vs. J. H. Rhoades '92.

Entries in doubles will remain open until 8. p. m. tonight.

The preliminary round will begin at ten sharp. All men unable to be on Jarvis field at this time must either make arrangements with their opponents to play at some other time during the morning or default. The first round will be played at 2 p. m. Matches will be the best two out of three sets all vantage. Balls will be furnished by the man in charge of the courts, with whom the resulting scores should be left.


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