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Foot Ball.



Harvard succeeded in defeating Williams on Jarvis field Saturday afternoon, but for a considerable part of the first half the work of the eleven was so bad that it was doubtful how the game would result. Williams presented a very heavy rush line, the centre of the line being especially formidable. It looked at times as though the driving rushes of Hotchkiss, Bigelow and Nelson, supplemented by the good work of Street back of the line, would enable Williams to score. This was evidently the ambition of the visitors, and they wore themselves out in a vain endeavor to accomplish it during the first half of the game. In the second half, when they had lost Ennis on account of an injury and Hotchkiss because of a rough play, their line seemed discouraged and tired out; they played a hard plucky game throughout, however, and gave Harvard the best game of the season.

For Harvard Shaw played poorly at centre, and unless he improves wonderfully can never be depended upon to fill this place. He should not have allowed Allen, the opposing centre, to manage him so easily; the conditions were quite reversed when Cranston went into the game. At left end Fearing played weakly, tackling poorly and allowing himself to be blocked off all through the game. Hallowell on the other hand played a remarkably strong and steady game. Heard, Upton and Davis did good work in the line; Upton ran poorly when the ball was given to him in the first half, but in the second he repeatedly made considerable gains. All of the backs played well except Trafford, who was not in his usual excellent form.

The umpire gave an exhibition of how blind a man can be at some times, and of how much he can see at others. His decisions were uniformly against Harvard.

During the first half the ball was first at one end of the field and then at the other. Near the close Wiliams forced it very near to Harvard's line, but lost it there on four downs. Repeated rushes by Lake, Blanchard and Sherwin carried it back to Williams' end, and one minute before the end of the half Sherwin secured a touch-down by a good run of fifteen yards around the end; Trafford kicked the goal. Score 6-0.

In the second half Lee replaced Lake who had been hurt near the end of the first half; and Shea took Blanchard's place in the line. In less than a minute after play had begun Shea and Hotchkiss were disqulified for slugging. Newell '92, and Armstrong took their places. Two minutes later Lee and Sherwin had got the ball down to within three yards of Williams line; Lee had no difficulty in making the other three yards; Goal. Score 12-0.

The ball soon came to Harvard on four downs, and was immediately rushed down the field. Sherwin, Davis and Lee made good gains; then Upton ran through the line fifteen yards. Short rushes by Lee and Sherwin got the ball to within five yards of the line. and Lee carried it over again. No goal. Score 16-0.

Williams failed to gain when the ball was put in play at the 25 yard line. It was passed to Hall to kick, but he fumbled, and Newell fell on it at the ten yard line. Davis carried it ahead seven yards, and Lee made his third touchdown. No goal. Score 20-0.

This time Williams made considerable gains, and sood had the ball near the middle of the field; Hall kicked and it was well into Harvard's territory. Lee brought it back 23 yards by a pretty run but the ball was given to Williams for alleged interference by Hallowell. Street fumbled the first time the ball was passed back, and Hallowell secured it; rushing nearly half the length of the field he secured a touch down. Goal. Score 26-0.

The next touch down was made easily in five minutes through good rushes by Upton and Lee. Goal. Score 62 0

Shaw was ruled off and Cranston took his place. A little later Upton shared Shaw's fate; his place was taken by Newell '94. These changes rather helped Harvard in securing the last touch down; Trafford kicked the goal. Score 38 0.

A minute later time was called. The teams played as follows:

Harvards-Rushers: Fearing, l. e., Upton, (disq.), Newell, '94, Heard, Shaw (disq.), Cranston, Blanchard, Shea (disq.), Newell '92, Davis, Hallowell. Quarter-back, Dean. Half-backs, Lake, Lee, Sherwin. Full-back, Trafford.

Williams-Rushers: Bigelow r. e., Ennis, Spaulding, Sawtelle, Allen, Hotchkiss (disq.), Armstrong, Nelson, Lafayette. Quarter-back, Brown. Half-backs, Street, Rogerson. Full-back, Hall.

The umpire was H. Holden and the referee G. Carpenter, both of Harvard law school.

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