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Fall Class Races.



All the boating interest of the college this fall has been centering on today's class races. The crews have been on the river for the past three weeks and today they will have a chance to show the result of their training. The men have been working steadily and they ought to make a good race. The juniors and sophomores have been practising nearly every day. A few new men have been developed, but the greater part of the boats will be filled with old men. The seniors have not been practising as hard as the other two crews; however, their boat contains almost entirely old men. The freshmen have no crew; they do their racing later in the scratch races. The seniors have a little the advantage of weight, though the juniors have a pretty heavy set of men in their boat. All three crews are rowing in good form. Porter '92 has been coaching the juniors; Hathaway and Keyes '93 have been coaching the sophomores.

The sophomores have drawn the inside course next the wall, the seniors will row next and the juniors on the outside.

The crews will leave the boat house today at about four o'clock. The race will start below the new bridge opposite the yellow house on Beacon St. The crews will row down to the Union boat house, a course of somewhat under a mile. The race will be rowed in barges. The crews will be made up as follows:

Seniors: Woodworth bow, Stickney 2, Parker (captain) 3, Bishop 4, Randol 5, Shaw 6, Tallant 7, Longworth stroke, Farguhar cox.

Juniors: Cheney bow, Young 2, Kidder 3, Porter (captain) 4, Stearns 5, Watriss 6, Jones 7, Powers stroke, I. Amory cox.

Sophomores: Baldwin bow, Bisbee 2, Brewer 3. Post 4, Cummings 5, Slade 6, Kelton 7, Keyes (captain) Stroke, Batelle cox, Bartlett substitute.

The crews as they rowed in the class races last spring were: '91, Parker, Shaw, Blanchard, Fitzhugh, Randol, Finlay, Tallant, Longworth stroke. '92, Cheney, Hubbard, Stearns, Porter, Steedman, Rantoul, Kidder, Powers stroke. '93, Burgess, Keyes, Miller, Vail, Kelton, Earle, Davis, Nelson stroke.

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