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Exeter 11; Ninety-four, 0.


The freshmen played two thiaty minute halves with the Exeter team at Exeter and failed to score. The only wonder is that the home team did not make a bigger score for the Harvard team played abominably. One cannot expect much team work from a freshman eleven so early in the season, but the college does expect interest and suap. Ninety-four played without either of these. The worst feature was the massing of the Exeter men against our centre; for every time this was done the freshmen were shoved right away; almost as bad as this, was the way the Exeter backs went through the opposing line. Everybody seemed to stand still and to be utterly incapable of tackling. Repeated gains were made this way and also around the ends. The freshmen did not block at all and tackled much to high.

Exeter won the toss and took the ball. Her backs made repeated gains directly through the centre. On the third down, so near were they to the freshman line that Phelan tried for a goal but failed. Harvard failed to gain and was forced to kick. Exeter then made a good gain by a criss-cross. Both sides kicked with more or less advantage and soon Exeter recovered the ball on some very bad passing. They soon got the ball near the line and Phelan kicked a remarkably pretty goal from the thirty yard line. Score, 5-0.

Gage, Hoag and Garrison made short rushes Exeter shoved their quarters through the centre repeatedly and the freshmen offered no opposition whatever.

Ninety-four opened the second half worse if possible than the first. Phelan and Irvine made enormous gains through the line. The criss-cross adeed twenty-five yards and soon Phelanran around the end and scored. Whitehead kicked the goal. Score, 11-0. Ninety-four made a little improvement but soon Phelan ran around the other end and almost scored when time was called. It would have been difficult for a team to take less interest, play with less snap and team work than did the freshman team.

The teams: Exeter-rushers, Conly, Colburn, Squires, Grant, Truesdell, James, Irvine; quarter-back, Thomas; half-backs, Grouard (Whitehead), Maxwell; full-back, Phelan. Harvard '94-rushers, Ladd, Beals, Saltonstall Mackie, Blake, McDaniels, Frothingham; quarter-back, Gardner; half-backs, Gage, Hoag; full back, Garrison.

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