Ninety-three, 22; C. M. S., O.

Yesterday afternoon on Divinity field the sophomore eleven defeated the Cambridge Manual Training School team in two twenty minute halves by a score of 22-0.

The playing of both teams was full of snap, especially in the first half. During this half the Cambridge boys put up a very stiff game and came very near scoring.

Shortly after 4, the teams lined up, Cambridge having the ball. By a series of rushes the ball was carried within ten yard of Harvard's goal. Here it went to '93 who pushed, rather than rushed, it back. 25 yards was allowed on a foul tackle, which brought the ball within a few feet of Cambridge's goal. Duffield then rushed it over and kicked a goal. Score 6-0 in favor of '93.

Harvard opened the second half with a V. The ball was dropped and Malone, picking it up, made a touch-down. Duffield failed to kick a goal. Score 10-0.

A few minutes later Duffield made another touch-down. No goal. Score 14-0.


Whittemore here got in some good rushes but Broughton and Parker