Fact and Rumor.

Calboun '91 has been elected captain of the Yale nine.

S. E. Farwell '93 has retured to college.

There has been a re-assignment of seats in History 2.

W. Littlefield '92, has resigned from the Advocate.

Sherrill, Yale's famous sprinter, will return to the Yale Law School this fall.


Wurtenberg has commenced coaching Amherst three times a week.

Kales '92 has been elected captain of the Technology team.

The Exeter-Andover football game will take place at Andover November 8th.

Janeway, of last year's Princeton team, is playing with Columbia this fall.

The Glee Club is invited to sing at Springfield the night before the Yale game.

President Seeley, of Smith College, will speak at Springfield tomorrow.

Men in Political Economy 4 have been requested to hand in blue books today.

Professor Hart announces that an hour examination may be expected at any recitation in History 13.

The French Department has opened its library in Sever 21. Keys may be obtained from Professor Cohn.

There will be an hour examination in Philosophy 1 either on Wednesday or Friday of next week.