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FAS Dean Gay Hopes to Update Affiliates on Ethnic Studies Search by Semester’s End

Special Notice.


YES, I really think Griffith's at 7 Brattle street, Harvard square, is one of the best conducted barber shops I ever saw. I always feel satisfied when I get my hair cut there. They take so much pains in trimming it to have it look just so. Of course they make a specialty of haircutting. Get Griffith to hone your razor.

TYPEWRITING, Weaver 44 College House.

THE old stand at Foster's is the best place in Cambridge to get a good lunch. All kinds of temperance drinks. 7 tf

ECONOMICS 1 and 9, Government 1, Philosophy 1a, History 13. Tutoring.

F. W. Dallinger, A. M., 5 Hilton Block. Mondays, 8.30-9.30 a. m.; Wednesdays and Fridays, 7-8 p. m. 79 10

DANCING CLASS.- Mrs. S. J. Chandler's meets at Odd Fellows Hall, Cambridgeport, Tuesday nights. Private lessons by appointment. Residence, 290 Harvard street, corner of Clinton street. 2 tf

L. PINKOS and Co., Tallors.- Grand opening in our new store, 1122 Mass. Ave., (opp. Remington St.). A great reduction in prices for the months of January and February. Call and examine. 75 tf

UNEQUALLED board and best of service can be obtained at Tracey's, 1190 Massachusetts Ave. Pleasant, sunny and well furnished rooms for club tables. 74 tf

ENGLISH A, 1, 2, 8, 28; French A, 1a, 1b, 1c; German A, B, C, 1a, 1b, 1c; Government 1. Tutoring.

F. J. MACLEOD, A. M., Craigie 406. 5-6 p. m.87 10

GEORGE T. MOFFATT is the only shorthand stenographer in Cambridge that makes a specialty of students' work. He pays special attention to typewriting Themes, Theses, Forensics and Briefs. Low rates for Dictation. Crimson office.

CHEMISTRY B, 1, 2, 4, 5, tutoring. Six years experience.

JOHN W. DOW, A. B., K. L. MARK, 503 Craigle Hall, evenings.11 Boylston Hall, 9 a. m. 6 p. m. 77 27

TUTORING.- Mathematics A, D, F, 2; Engineering 1a, 1b; Physics B, C, 1; Chemistry B, 1; Economics 1; Philosophy 1a. Astronomy 1. G. A. Hill, A. M., 19 Hilton Block. 81 6

STUDENTS.- Buy your second hand text books at the Harvard Book Store, near Post Office, 33 Brattle St. 1tf

NEW E flat Besson cornet with C attachment for sale. Write or apply at 18 Felton Hall, Cambridge. 80 24

TUTORING in English A, 8, 15, 28. French A, 1b, 1c, 2c, 6, 7, 9 (approved). German A.

R. W. COUES, A. M., 104 Mt. Auburn St.85 3

TRACEY'S Cafe and Dining Rooms for students. Meal tickets, 18 meals, $5.00. Unequalled board and best of service. Club tables to let. 77 12

TUTORING.- Phil. 1a, a Specialty. Reduced rates to clubs of two or more. Write or call morning or evening. Experienced. Successful.

C. F. FITZ W. HALL, 2 College House.86 12

THE pictures of the D. K. E. theatricals are now ready at Pach's Studio. A few thousand pencils are still left. 86 3

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