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College Conference.


Next week Professor J. H. Thayer will speak on The Revised New Testament of 1881. Hereafter, any books referred to by any speaker will be reserved in the library for the use of students.

At the conference meeting last night Professor Toy spoke on The Old Testament in the light of other Semitic Literature. The Old Testament, said Professor Toy, is the only remainder of the old Hebrew literature; it is the most rounded and complete of all ancient Semitic literature. Beginning with the organization of Hebrew tribes, when Saul became king, it was brought out a century later in literary shape. The old Semitic literature has a very small compass. Much of the little that there was has been lost, and many of the tribes had none. There was a regular order of production in literature. First the old folk-stories, then an attempt at an epic poem, then historical annals and finally spiritual religious poetry. Drama and philosophy are lacking.

The Habrews represent the fullest form of pure national development. They preserved their national feeling, though they were in contact with other nations from the first moment of their political life. The Old Testament represents the literary element under the Semitic Regime. It follows the order of literary production; folk-lore, followed by a collection of laws and brief annals, then by prophetic discourses, history and poetry,- but with out any philosophy. The collection of Prophets represents Hebrew oratory; the books of Judges, Samuel, Kings and Chronicles represent history; and the books of Job, Psalms, and Ecclesiastes represent poetry.

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