'93 ELEVEN.- The following men will be on Norton's field at 3.30: Collamore, Peirce, Dibblee, Bartlett, Meadows, Hand, Rogers, Cary, Hale, Malone, Broughton, Post, Slade, Thatcher, Pike, Blagden, Duffield, Stearns, Winslow, Stevenson, Bisbee, Call. Every man must be out sharp.

S. W. ELLSWORTH.HARVARD GLEE CLUB.- Rehearsal today at 4.30.

C. J. F. BRUEGGER, Secretary.'94 NOTICE.- All candidates for the freshman eleven will be at the Cary Building today at two o'clock to use the tackling machine.

P. GARDNER, Temp. Captain.'92 ELEVEN.- The following men will be at the gymnasium at 3.30 ready to play Ninety-one: Curtis, Weed, S. Berry, L. F. Berry, Steedman, Draper, Putnam, Neff, Henry, White, McDonald, Allen, H. F. Berry Watriss, Stearns, Schoen, Greenough, Spalding, Hale.

W. C. FORBES, Captain.GUITAR AND MANDOLIN CLUB.- The regular days for rehearsal will be for the rest of the year, Friday at 4.30 and Wednesday at 7.


G. JONES, Secretary.