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Fact and Rumor.


There will be an hour examination in Mathematics 2, on Friday, April 15.

Lieutenant Totten of Yale, will deliver another lecture in Boston, Sunday.

It is very probable that the Columbia-Harvard freshman race will become an inter-collegiate rowing contest. - Ex.

Toronto University is endeavoring to form an international foot ball league with Cornell and the University of Michigan.

Bloss, '94, and Harding of Columbia, are entered for the sprints at the second winter meeting at Yale, today.

The Yale Sophomore crew rowed on the harbor Wednesday for the first time this year.

The catalogue of the Princeton Preparatory School has been published containing the names of sixty-nine students.

A foot ball squad has been organized at Trinity under the direction of G. D. Hartley, '93, captain of this year's team.

Stevens is to have a new laboratory, 60x80 feet, of three stories, to accommodate 250 students and to cost $50,000.

Two new pair-oars have just been purchased by the management of the Yale Navy.

Cho Hachiro Kajewara of Princeton College is writing an article on "The Seven Wonders of Princeton," for the Japanese press.

Following are the officers for the O. K., elected for the third term: President, R. M. Lovett; secretary, J. Corbin; treasurer, E. B. Adams; librarian, E. White.

The Princeton Dramatic Association gave its first performances of "Katherine," a travesty on the "Taming of the Shrew," last Tuesday evening, at Princeton.

The freshman class at Yale has decided to wear a badge of mourning for thirty days, for one of its members, Dan O'Neil of Pittsburg, Pa.

The Princeton track athletes will be sent to the training table in squads. The long distance men will be first to go and will go today.

The Yale base ball management has cancelled the game which was arranged for today with a picked professional team.

An influential portion of the professors in Germany are endeavoring to have the modern languages as optional substitutes for classics in the German Gymnasia.

The Faculty of the Columbia Law School, has established a prize tutorship of $500, to be awarded for general excellence of term work and greatest success at examinations.

Mr. Sidney A. Kent has given $150,000 for a chemical laboratory at the Chicago University. Mr. Kent is a brother of Mr. A. E. Kent, who gave the Kent Laboratory at Yale.

At a recent winter meeting of the Cornell Athletic Club, Osgood, '94, was awarded the all-round championship medal, this being the second time it has been won by him.

C. A. Grinsted of England won the Tropical Championship in the tennis tournament at St. Augustine, on March 25th, and in the absence of Campbell, the champion, won the cup by default. The doubles were won by A. E. Wright of New York, and J. W. Nichols of Harvard.

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