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The Ninety-two Eleven.


The Juniors have a large number of men at work every afternoon on Norton's field, and it now looks as though their class eleven would be a strong one. The following candidates are at work under the direction of Captain Forbes: For ends, Putnam, Gray, Horne Cheney and Wright; for tackles, Weed, Newell, Draper, Loring, Day and H. F. Berry; for guards, Jones, Watriss, Walcott, Hale and Lowe; for center, Berry and Hall; for quarter, Neff and Spaleing; for half-backs, Greenough, Green, White, Schoen, and Hubard.

There have been enough men out for two elevens from the first, so the men have been put to work every day playing a game. The men are apt to think they are out for fun rather than work, however, and do not settle down to earnest effective work. Further it has only been because of the constant and untiring efforts of the captain that the men have been induced to come out. Some of them cannot see the necessity of appearing at practice every afternoon. They do not seem to realize their obligation to the class to come out regularly and work steadily. It is unjust to the rest of the men on the team for some men to come out one day and not the next, and it is hard on the captain to have them practice irregularly and almost indifferently. He has found it necessary already to drop some men on account of irregular work, and the rest should realize that their only chance of winning the class championship lies in hard, systematic work. The men must not feel sure of the championship because of the good showing so far, for this is just the sort of over-confidence to lose them whatever advantage they now possess.

The candidates for halves are all promising men, and careful work will make good players of them. White is careless, fumbles badly, and does not use his head enough; he runs well around the end and is hard to tackle. Greenough tackles well and is a hard worker, but needs a great deal of practice. Henry rushes well through the center but never looks where he is going; he punts well, but is not sure. Schoen tackles well; he is a good dodger and a hard man to stop, but his work is very uneven. Green lacks confidence, but has the making of a fine half.

The line as a whole is slow to get through, and large holes are constantly made in it, especially through the center. There is a lack of sump in the work of the men, and they waste a good deal of energy sparring with each other. The ends tackle fairly well, but allow themselves to be blocked off. Newell and Weed are doing good work; Newell is rushing well and tackling in his old form. Weed tackles well, but attempts to cover too much ground.

Manager Batcheller hopes to arrange games with the Cambridge High and Latin School, the Boston Latin School, and other interscholastic teams.

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