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University Meeting.



The fall sports of the H. A. A. were managed with unusual promptness yesterday afternoon. They brought out several excellent new men, notably F. Carr in the mile run, and R. S. Hale in the mile walk. In neither of these events was the record broken, but in both the time made was within a fraction of a second of the Harvard record.

The meeting was started at 3.05 o'clock with the 120 yards hurdle race, for which K. Brown '91, was scratch man. and T. Richardson '94, had a handicap of 5 yards. Richardson knocked over the first hurdle, and fell at the fifth, allowing Brown to win in 18 1-5 sec.

The two mile bicycle race had four starters, with P. W. Davis '93, and Taylor '94, at the scratch. Davis got off poorly and rode behind Taylor most of the way, F. L. Olmsted '94, with a handicap of 125 yards, was soon passed by the others, and until the last lap they rode with O. B. Hawes '93, in the lead, and Davis behind. Then Davis made a fine spurt and 100 yards from the finish passed both men, finishing in 5 m. 59 4-5 sec. If he had the pole he might possibly have broken the Harvad record of 5 m. 59 1-5 sec., held by W. B. Greenleaf '92. Taylor finished a good second about three yards begird.

Half a dozen of the entries for the 100 yards dash failed to appear, and it was run in three heats instead of four. In the first J. S. Cook '92, (1 yd.) was the winner in 10 2-5 sec., with J. Allen '92, (4 yds.) second; second heat W. L. Thompson '93, (1 yd.) first, in 10 2-5 sec., S. V. R. Thayer '94, (4 yds.) second; third heat, G. F. Brown, Jr. '92, (3 yds.) first in 10 2-5 sec., O. W. Shead '93, (4 yds.) second. In the final heat Cook won by over a yard in 10 3-5 sec., with Allen second, and the remainder well bunched,

In the mile walk R. S. Hale '91, was in much better form than any of the other contestants. leaving Bardeen, the other scratch man 100 yards in the rear, and passing all the handicap men. His time was 6 m. 59 4-5 sec., within 3-10 sec. of the Harvard record. S. C. Brackett '91, was second.

In the quarter mile dash, T. J. Stead, '91, the scratch man, found the swarm of handicap men altogether too much for him, and did not finish. S. Wells '91 (5 yards). won in 51 1-5 sec., with V. S. Rothschild '91 (15 yards), second, and F. E. Stetson '92 (10 yards) third.

The low hurdles (2-3 distance) had the same starters as the high hurdles. Richardson had seven yards handicap and won easily in 18 3-5 sec.

The mile run was one of the best events. F. Carr, the scratch man, showed admirable form. He made the quarter in 1 m., 1 2-5 s., three-quarters, 3 m., 28 s., and mile in 4 m., 38 3-4 s., finishing without effort. Apparently he could easily have broken the Harvard record of 4 m., 38 3-5 s. J. Manley '93 (60 yards) was second.

The 220 yards dash was run in one heat, as over half the entries withdrew. J. S. Cook '92 (2 yards) won by a fine spurt in 23 1-5 s., with W. L. Thompson '93 (5 yards), second. As the scratch man did not run, Cook gave all his competitors handicaps.

The half mile run was a pretty race between G. Lowell '92 (5 yards), G. L. Batchelder (scratch), and R. B. Hale '91 (30 yards). They finished in the order named. Lowell's time was 2 m., 4 4-5 s.

S. H. Evins '93, won putting the shot from R. W. Wood '91, with a put of 31 ft., 5 1-2 in. Both men were at the scratch, as they were in throwing the hammer. Evins made the best throw, 84 ft 4 in, but A. H. Green '92, with a throw of 75 ft., 8 in., and a handicap of 12 ft., won the event.

He also won the high jump from the scratch, clearing 5 ft. 3 1-2 in. B. Wells '94 (4 in.) was second with an actual jump of 4 ft. 11 1-4 in.

The broad jump was won by E. V. Bloss '94 (scratch) with a jump of 21 ft. 5 in. T. Richardson '94 (12 in.), took second 'place with a jump of 20 ft. 3 1-8 inches.

The pole vault was won by H. F. Coburn '94 (12 in.) with an actual vault of 8 ft. 3 in. H. M. Wheel Wright '94, the scratch man, was unable to clear the 9 ft. 3 1-4 in. necessary to win over his opponent's handicap.

The officers of the course were as follows: Referee, G. B. Morrison '83; judges, J. Graham. O. K. Hawes '92, J. H. Hunt '92, T. W. Lamont '92; judge of walking, E. E. Merrill; timekeepers, L. M. Garrison, L. S., W. B. Greenleaf '92; scorer, C. T. R. Bates, '92; clerk of the course, John H. Rhoades, Jr. '92; assistant clerks of course, J. L. Dodge '91, M. I. Motte '92, T. C. Smith '92.

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