'VARSITY NOTICE.- All members of the 'Varsity Squad will be on Jarvis dressed for practice at 3.45 sharp.

A. J. CUMNOCK.'94 NOTICE.- The following men will be on Norton's field today at 2 o'clock: Gage, Clark, Beals, McDonald, Bond, McDaniel, Quigley, Borden, Waters, White, Cabot, Rogers, Cosby, Saltonstall, Mackie, Garrison, Ladd, Loring, Gleason, Morgan, Hoag Frothingham, Harding, Green, Williams, Wrenn, Fay, Thayer, Gifford, Eddy, Wilder, Lowell, Wilson, Ellis.

P. GARDNER.HARVARD GLEE CLUB.- Rehearsal at 7 tonight.

C. J. F. BRUEGGER, Secretary.THERE will be a meeting for the election of officers of the Base Ball Association in the trophy room of the gymnasium at 7.30 this evening.

PIERIAN SODALITY.- Rehearsal this afternoon at 4.15.


H. F. KENT, Secretary.