Fact and Rumor.

The Pierian Sodality will play in Chesea tomorrow evening.

Princeton plays the Manhattan Athletic Club at Princeton today.

The marks in Fine Arts 3 will probably not be announced.

An examination will be held in Zoology 1 a week from Thursday.

John Dennett, Jr., formerly of '92, has entered the Medical School.


The gymnasium at Amherst has been provided with a new base ball cage.

Professor James gave a reception to the men in his courses yesterday.

The examination in English 2 today will be held in Upper Massachusetts.

The Yale Record will hereafter be on sale on Amees' on the days of its publication.

The English High School will play the C. M. T. S. Friday on the South End ball grounds.

A number of Harvard men are taking part in the Dickens Carnival at Music Hall this week.

The tickets for the Yale-Harvard game are to have pictures of V. Harding and Dean '91 on them.

It has been decided that Brown and Wesleyan will play at Springfield on the day before the Yale-Harvard game.

James Russell Lowell is to give a series of lectures on the old English dramatists at the University of Pennsylvania.

The glee club petition to take a Christmas trip was granted yesterday. The clubs will decide today on the route they will take.