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EDITORS DAILY CRIMSON:- At the risk of laying myself open to the charge of interference with the captain of the 'Varsity eleven, I cannot help, as a graduate, expressing my wonder that the eleven which is to meet Princeton and Yale in the foot-ball field so shortly has not been definitely decided upon long before this. The Yale eleven has been selected for at least two weeks; every member has his position definitely assigned to him, and knows that he will fill that position and no other for the remainder of the foot-ball season, provided no accident occurs which would force him to retire and have his place taken by a substitute.

Now, it seems to me that this is by no means one of the least reasons of Yale's success in foot-ball. The men become thoroughly accustomed to their positions, learn to work well together, and know just how much confidence to place in each other. The result is that playing becomes a kind of second nature to them; they are necessarily quicker in their movement, and more on the alert to pounce right down on their prey without stopping to think about it.

The players on the Harvard eleven have been changed about constantly during the past fortnight; so much so that when asked the other day who were going to play against Princeton on Saturday, I was obliged to guess at the team, and, with one or two exceptions, probably guessed wrong. But the captain of the 'Varsity eleven probably knows what is best for the interests of Harvard in foot-ball, and will, I trust, forgive me for "letting off steam." I must apologize for taking up so much of your valuable space.


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